DoW 2018 cancelled! See you in 2019

Dear all,
We have some good and some bad news.
Bad news first: We are sad, but also relieved to announce that there won’t be a Dudelange on Wheels contest this year. Many reasons that you can hopefully understand, made us, the DOW-Team take the adult (whatever that means) decision to take a break in 2018. We all got older, have a job, a family, kids… and that takes up a lot of time and energy, that we can’t put into our volunteer work for the DOW project. Reality has caught up with us, as they say, and this year we had to surrender and look after ourselves for a bit. For those reasons we are relieved that this summer we can chill and put our feet up for once, just like we made it possible for you one awesome weekend a year at DOW.
And now the good news: Now that we have time to recharge our batteries, we are happy to announce that next year, from 12th to 14th of july 2019, DOW will return, and it will be bigger and better. We have tons of exciting new ideas that we will implement, to make sure DOW gets a huge update and gets you even more excited to come to Dudelange and cut loose.
Now it’s our turn to reroll the dice and organize, together as friends, a completely refreshed and mind-blowing DOW 2019. We promise: It will be worth the wait.
Until then. Thank You

DoW 2019 Announcement

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