Q.What is Dudelange On Wheels all about?


A. Since 1998 Dudelange On Wheels (DOW) is THEE urban sports festival in Luxembourg.  DOW  is based on volunteer work and includes sports, art, music and many more. Year by Year we’re trying to make this event more attractive to you, so that you move your butt (again) to Dudelange and be a part of it. The event will take place over 3 days (Fr-Su).


Q.Contest cathegories?

A.There will be a DIRT, BMX, INLINE, SCOOTER,STREETBOARD and a SKATE Barrel Jump contest. For more informations look up the “Contest” Menu item.

Where will the event take place?

The Event will take place at the Dudelange SkatePark ‘‘Schmelz’’ Luxembourg

    (route de thionville , Dudelange, Luxembourg, Europe)

Q. When will the event take place?

A. This years DoW Edition will take place from the 12th till 14th July 2019

Q. Entrance fee? Tickets?

A. There’s free Entrance for Contest and Concert the whole DoW Weekend.

Q. Who organizes DOW?

 A. DoW is organized by a non profit Organization named Parc and Ride.

Q. Is DOW only about Contest?

A. DoW is more than just a Contest , its an Urban Festival, we have art, food, drinks and concerts.



Q. Are animals allowed on the contest ground?

A. Of course, but keep them in a leash.

Q.Where can i see which partners participate on the DOW?

A: You can find all sponsors and partners if you take a look on the menu item “Partner”.

Q. Is there a possibility to get drinks and food on the contest ground?

A. At the Dow city ground will be possibilities for you to get drinks and food,  such as Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Food as well as sweet surprises.

Q. Will there be a DOW Merch?

A. There will be a limited number of Merch and you can grab it at the INFO tent on Sunday.

Q. Can i buy my food/drinks voucher with my creditcard?

A. YES We accept VPay/Maestro/MasterCard/Visa (minimal 10Euro transaction)


Q.What do i have to consider if i am a disabled person?

A. If you have some special needs you can write us an email and we will try to help you with your needs.

Q. Are there some other Rules that i must respect?

A. It’s not allowed to bring any kind of glass to the Event.

    Please respect the park , we’re a non profit organization with a free entrance event ,            

    every € we get , we’ll put back in the park and in the DoW.



Q. How can i get to the DOW by car?

A. You can find a description if you take a look here: (link)

You have to use the parking area next to the DOW event (max. 2 min walk).

Q.Which public transportations will get me to the DOW?

A. The nearest bus station is called “Dudelange Skaterpiste”. The nearest train station is called “ Dudelange Gare-Usines”. Further informations about the different public transit you can receive from here (link)

Q. Are there parking spots for disabled people?

A. At the entry of the parking area there will be reserved places for disabled people.

Q. Is it allowed to park my trailer on the parking area?

A. Next to the DOW ground there is a special parking for trailers, and ONLY there its allowed to camp and park your trailer.

Q. Do i have to buy for a parking spot in the parking area?

A. There will be a parking fee of 5 euros for the parking area. You will get a DOW parking flyer which you have to put behind your front glass and which is valuable for the whole weekend (3 days).



Q. Is there a camping possibility?

A.We have limited capacities of camping and therefor it is reserved for riders. To get camping access and more infos/rules, please contact us per mail.

    (info@parcandride.lu Subject: Camping DoW)

Q. Are there other accomodations next to the event?

A. The nearest and best Hotel is the Cottage Hotel which is situated 800 meters from the DOW ground.




Q. What concert will be on regarding to the Dudelange On Wheels?

A. There will be two offical DOW concerts, the first is on Friday and the second on Saturday. You can find further information as well as the line-up on our menu item “Concert”.

Q. Are underaged people allowed to the concert?

A. We are not allowed to let people in which are under 14 years old without an adult attendant.

Q. Can I bring my own Beer/Drink to the concert?

A. NO!  You already have free entrance. Support a non profit Organization.

Q. Will there be Merch of the Bands?

A. Yes, you can grab your band bests Merchandise at the DoW